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Our Menu, is almost entirely based on fish dishes, nevertheless we serve meat along with home made pasta, the whole accompained by goreus italian wine.
Here is an example of our delicious main courses:
Carpaccio with mushrooms, black tartufo and parmisane
Sant'Erasmo reat vegetable plait
Venetian moscardini

Tagliolini with srimps, small tomatoes

Bucatini pasta with sea fruits


Black spahettini pasta
Risotto with srimps and green pumkins
(Any kind of risotto will be prepared on demand)
Great soup
Salted Branzino
Filetted meat from San Pietro all'solana
Knife cutted meat with porcini mushrooms
Orange Crepes
Marsala cream with buiscuits

Black vermicelli pasta

Grilled shell fish

Trolley cakes


Here is the description of the dishes you are seing: home made ravioli with duck an black tartufo, Great plate of Adriatic speciallities, Shell fish, gray srimps from the launa with polenta, Grilled porcini mushrooms ( when in season) Rombo fish at the Noemi's way, Nobile Adriatic fish.


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